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Zach Reagan

Zach Reagan, Music Manager, Hip-Hop and R&B Genre Manager

Zach Reagan is one of WQAQ’s 2024-2025 Music Managers and the Hip-Hop and R&B Genre Manager! Zach is a second-year Journalism major with minors in Film and Sociology. Their favorite album is “DAMN” by Kendrick Lamar and are a huge fan of him. However, their favorite song at the moment is “Bored” by Laufey. If you want to check out more of Zach’s work, they do photography for QBSN and write for the QU Chronicle! 

Zach hosts Whiplash (has nothing to do with the movie) on 98.1 FM where they play music of almost every genre you can think of, which leads to some absolutely heinous transitions. If you want to put on some very different music, this is your place!

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Zach Reagan