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WQAQ is a student-run radio station at Quinnipiac University with a participatory environment of departments in music, production, programming, promotions, and public relations, allowing members to build relationships with its community and grow media literacy skills.

Meet the Managers

Emma Spagnuolo

General Manager

Age – 21

Major – Journalism

Hometown – Randolph, NJ

I am responsible for overseeing all radio station operations, including its finances, securities, discipline, and welfare of members. I preside over the general WQAQ staff and serve as a liaison from the station to the Quinnipiac administration, faculty, staff, and local Hamden/ New Haven community. My goal is to eventually become a Production Director or Program Director for a professional radio station. ​

Sean O’Connor

Events Programming Manager

Age – 21

Major – FTM

Hometown – Andover, MA

My goal as events manager is to provide a fantastic experience to both members of WQAQ and the Quinnipiac community; I love to give back to them, as well as growing our WQAQ family with each event.

Future bio…

Tyler Main

Age – 20

Major – Film

Hometown –

I’m mostly in charge of audio production for the station. This includes directing the production show intros, sweepers, commercials, and other audio for the station.

Audio Production Manager

Tom Conley-Wilson III

Music Manager

Age – 21

Major – Media Studies

Hometown – Rockland, MA

In charge of reaching out to labels and artists regarding music for our rotation. On top of that, we also are in charge of two concerts per year. My main goal for the station is to make our music selection more accessible for the entire university for everyone to experience how incredible this organization is.

Ana Grosso

Music Manager

Age – 21

Major – Journalism

Hometown – Branford, CT

Music managers are responsible for reaching out to and maintaining relationships with record labels, updating the station’s music rotation and planning a fall and spring concert. I would love to expand WQAQ’s community and get even more people excited about our organization and the opportunities it has to offer.

Matt Dennehy

Promotions Manager

Age – 21

Major – English

Hometown – Queens, NY

Matt Dennehy is in charge of promotions for the radio station. This includes our ticket giveaways and cosponsorships. He is from Queens, NY, pursuing a double major in Philosophy and English. Following is intended to pursue a doctorate in Philosophy. He is a fan of ska, GMOs, and president of the Philosophy Club. He is also currently single.

Dan Bahl

Show Programming Manager

Age – 20

Major – Journalism

Hometown – Suffield, CT

Dan Bahl is in charge of scheduling all WQAQ shows and programs. He also coordinates the show review board, which keeps shows accountable for sounding professional and conversational on the air. He also aides on-air staff with problems relating to the automation system and all equipment in the studio.

Maggie Smith

Video Production Manager

Age – 19

Major – Film, Television, and Media Arts

Hometown – Massapequa Park, NY

As video production manager, I work with a team to create videos that promote the station and upcoming WQAQ events.

Andy Guistwite

Web Manager

Age – 22

Major – Political Science

Hometown – Flemington, NJ

Greetings! The name’s Andy, I’m a Junior Political Science major at Quinnipiac University. You’ll see me traipsing around the Tech Center, as it is where I obtain currency for doing various tasks. I also dabble in websites and Computer Science.

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