Walkin’ This Way One Final Time: Aerosmith Says Farewell


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Mike Singer, Music Manager

It was announced on Monday, May 1 that the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, Aerosmith was about to embark on their “Peace Out” farewell tour.

It’s a shame that the band has decided to call it a day. Since their debut record was released in 1973 all the way to now, Aerosmith has been the soundtrack to generations of fans worldwide.

Aerosmith has released 15 studio records across their 50-plus year-long career and has produced numerous hits like “Sweet Emotion,” Love In an Elevator,” “Cryin’,” and fan favorite “Dream On.”

The “Peace Out” farewell tour is set to start on Sept. 2 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and wraps up on Jan. 26 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. Honestly, I find it a little hard to believe that Aerosmith will only have four months to tour their farewell tour without a European tour or more dates in different cities, I feel like they’ll announce more dates in the very near future. It’s impossible to ignore all their fans overseas in Europe and Asia so they almost have to go over there to see them.

What I love most about this upcoming tour is that one of my favorite bands, The Black Crowes, are the special guests, which is just awesome. This is the first time since Aerosmith’s 1990 “Pump” tour that The Crowes are supporting the Bad Boys From Boston.

The one thing that is pretty odd is that the original drummer, Joey Kramer is sitting out this tour due to wanting to “focus his full attention on his family and health,” which was released by the band.

It would have been nice if the original band members could have all gone out together, but not even other legendary bands like Kiss or The Rolling Stones have the same lineup as they did when they started. Heck, even the opening band, The Black Crowes don’t even have half of their original members, it’s just Chris and Rich Robinson that remain from the 1990 debut lineup.

For a little over a week have been teasing that they have had an announcement coming. They posted on their social media accounts that on May 1 they would be announcing something to the world as well as having their logo with the phrase “Peace Out” broadcasted all over arenas across America.

As soon as the announcement and the secret promotions were put out there was so much speculation as to what kind of tour they were going to go on. Many fans were wondering if they were going on tour or doing a residency somewhere and jumping around.

On the Black Crowes side of the rumors, the band had announced only a string of dates that they would be performing at over the next few months with no news of upcoming tour dates until one fan posted that they could potentially be on the upcoming Aerosmith tour, to which they were right. 

When you think about Aerosmiths career all you think about are their successful records and how there are so many strong records. 

Take any record from 1973-1977 or 1987-1993 and you have eight very solid, great records to choose from. That’s something that not a lot of bands can say, they really can’t say that they’ve had eight separate yet equally great records that have had so much success.

I will put it out there and say that one of my all-time favorite records is 1989’s “Pump” which has one of the, if not the most underrated song of Aerosmith’s discography, “F.I.N.E” which is the second track off the record. 

I mean, just look at how the band transitions from “Draw The Line,” to “F.I.N.E” on Youtube during their Woodstock ‘94 concert, it’s brilliant and I wish they played it more during their shows.

It is an era for 70’s rock music. Kiss announced their final 50 shows earlier this year and now Aerosmith is also calling it a career as well.

Even though I wouldn’t consider rock to be dead since there are so many new bands carrying the torch (click here to read that article), it really is the end of an era. There aren’t a lot of these legendary bands around.

I know some bands say that they are on their farewell tour and then tour three years after the “final” show but something about this tour seems like it is the last one for Aerosmith. They haven’t done a show together in a little bit, Joe Perry has been doing his own solo shows as well as Steven Tyler battling some health concerns so there are so many reasons for Aerosmith to call it farewell and say goodbye.

The bright side is that Aerosmith will go out firing on all cylinders and take no prisoners and bring out every song, every hit, even a few surprise songs as they play on this last tour. 

For me personally, it is two of my favorite bands playing on the same bill. One band with the end of the road in sight as the other one tries to gain more momentum following a hugely successful reunion that no one saw coming.

There are so many questions like “Is this truly the end?” “What will happen when are they done?” and “Will they come back?” I wish I had the answers but I don’t. All I know is that I’ll be ready to walk that way one more time.