‘August’ By Ryan Trey Review

Nicholas Melanson

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Ryan Trey manages to blend the beats and style of hip hop with the soft lyrics and flow commonly found in r&b. A relatively unknown artist, Trey began to build a following after a snippet of one of his songs was shared on Bryson Tiller’s twitter account. The video was seen thousands of times, and Trey’s fame grew even more following a video of LeBron James dancing to one of his songs.

His newest album titled August was released August 31st of 2018 and has since been streamed thousands of times across various music platforms. The album features thirteen tracks with Trey being the lone vocalist on each of them. Each song varies from slow to fast, and from rap to r&b, but the three songs that stand out the most are “Bradley Beal Freestyle”, “Mutual Butterflies”, and “Temptations”. The three songs show the variation of skills that Trey has from his rapping and singing skills that pair perfectly with the slick beats in the background that provide his songs with depth and emotion.

For a relatively unknown artist, Ryan Trey is proving why he gets high praise from esteemed artists and celebrities as he continues to prove himself in the music world.