Dua Lipa Concert Review


Sarah Lefkowitz

Dua Lipa’s “Self-Titled Tour,” had its second to last show last Sunday night at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, and I was lucky enough to attend. The show was originally scheduled for June 20th, but got moved to September 30th due to scheduling conflicts.

Lipa opened up the show with her U.S. debut single  “Blow Your Mind (Mwah).” Her band kicked off the show with a dramatic instrumental until she popped up onstage at the chorus. Next up was “Dreams” which transitioned into Sean Paul’s duet with Lipa, “No Lie.” The energy of Lipa and her dancers didn’t stop for a second during the show and the choreography was that of a zumba class.

The show was later slowed down for two acoustic songs, “Thinking Bout You,” and “New Love.” Lipa’s raspy vocals accompanied by nothing but electric guitar swooned the crowd. Before starting “New Love,” Lipa got emotional and members of her crew joined her on stage to support her. This was the first song she released, and her three year tour cycle is almost reaching its final show.

Neon colored visuals and upbeat tempos were brought back with two of Lipa’s biggest collaborations, “One Kiss,” and “Scared To Be Lonely.” Although neither song is that of Lipa’s own discography, she did not hold back. With production on the two songs by Calvin Harris and Martin Garrix respectively, Lipa sang the fan favorites with full energy.

The piano ballad “Homesick,” was the most beautiful moment of the show. It is her strongest song lyrically, and her vocal range is really showed off in this melancholy song. On the studio version, Chris Martin of Coldplay, lends his vocals to the track, but live, Lipa’s voice and vulnerability can be solely heard throughout the room.

This show saw one of the very first performances of Silk City’s collaboration with Lipa, “Electricity.” The single was released on September 6th and this was only Lipa’s third time singing it live. Despite it being a fairly new release, the crowd sang along to every word.

“Begging” was the last song before the encore of Lipa’s two biggest singles, “IDGAF” and “New Rules.” Before the feminist anthem “IDGAF,” a warning was flashed on the screen, asking fans to throw their middle fingers up. Lipa thanked the crowd before finishing her almost 90-minute show with her smash single, “New Rules.” The music video for the song flashed behind Lipa as the crowd screamed the lyrics bashing her ex-lover along with her.

Although her debut album era is coming to a close, I am excited to hear more from Dua Lipa, and see what she holds in store for the future!