The Dome that’s fit for pawns & kings

Mike Singer, Music Manager

Alter Bridge brought their Pawns And Kings tour to The Dome at The Toyota Oakdale Theater in support of their new record on Tuesday, Feb 7. 

I was very excited about this show. I have seen lead singer Myles Kennedy twice while he was on tour with Slash, this was my first time seeing him with Alter Bridge.

Before Alter Bridge hit the stage, Nashville native, Red, hit the stage to warm up the crowd. Red played a six-song set and got the crowd ready for the hard rock show that was waiting for them.

Following Red, Mammoth WVH went on after. I saw Mammoth on their co-headling tour with Dirty Honey back in March at Toads Place and I was very excited to see them again.

Mammoth WVH consists of lead singer, Wolfgang Van Halen, guitarists, Frank Sidoris and Jon Jourdan, bassist Ronnie Ficarro and Garrett Whitlock on drums warmed the crowd up with an eight-song set.

Seven out of the eight songs were off their debut record with one song being a single that was released by the band before they put out an album. 

Mammoth has been on tour with Alter Bridge since the whole tour began overseas earlier this year.

Mammoth played two of my favorite songs, “Mr. Ed” and “You’re To Blame.” If you’re interested in reading the Mammoth WVH album review, click here.

When Mammoth hit the stage, the crowd was electric and they were screaming for Wolfie and the gang, I could easily see Mammoth WVH going on their own headlining tour very soon at the rate they’re going.

Every fan was singing to their songs and while I was in the photo pit, I was singing along. Mammoth WVH puts on a very entertaining show, to say the least.

After Mammoth, it was time for Alter Bridge.

Alter Bridge plowed through 16 songs spanning their 19-year career. In their set, they played two acoustic versions of “In Loving Memory” off of “One Day Remains,” and “Watch Over You” off of Blackbird.” I personally love when bands and artists do a mini acoustic part where it’s just them and the singer, it really feels intimate and special.

The most interesting thing is that there were only three songs from their new record. They played “Dead Among The Living,” “Pawns & Kings,” and “Silver Tounge.” If you want to read my takes from the new record, click here.

Myles Kennedy has such an amazing voice and it’s even more amazing to hear how close his vocals are live to the version on the record. Kennedy is one of the last singers to have a pure, beautiful voice.

Alter Bridge really put on a great show. It’s so easy to see why Kennedy and the rest of Alter Bridge have such a strong following. Whether its amazing riffs by guitarist Mark Tremonti and bass riffs by Brian Marshall or amazing beats by Scott Phillips, the band is tight, locked in and ready to take over whatever town they are in.

I really enjoyed this concert, it marks my 31st concert ever and it has cracked by top 20. A list that also includes rock giants like Kiss, Guns N’ Roses, and The Rolling Stones. If you want to look at their tour dates, click here.

If Alter Bridge is coming to your town, go see them!