Jen’s Top 10: First Half of 2022


Music Manager, Jennifer Moglia breaks down her top 10 favorites of the first half of 2022. (Photo by Abby Clare, Graphic Design by Jennifer Moglia)

Jennifer Moglia, Music Manager

I’m the type of person who loves things with my whole heart. If I find interest in something, I’m going to fully commit to the bit. 

I found a new clothing store? My wardrobe is entirely made up of their pieces. I have a new favorite restaurant? I’m eating there every day. I’ve just always been one of those people. 

I never really had an outlet to share all of my various little obsessions on, but I’ve always wanted to be able to spread all of the love that I have in my heart for all of those little obsessions. There’s no time quite like the present, so I decided to get started right now!

A quick clarification before we get started – I’m not limiting myself at all on this list. These favorites range from small businesses to podcasts to music venues and more. 

Some of them are somewhat local to where we are at Quinnipiac University, while others are a little further away. This is in no way a list of recommendations or a “to-do” list for anyone, just a way for me to show love to some of the people, places and things that have brightened up the first six months of my 2022.

So, in no particular order, here is my list of “favorites” from the first half of this year!


Whistle and Fizz

Coffee and Tea Bar in New York, NY

Jen’s Pick: Green Apple Fizz

I found this little gem in Greenwich Village because of my summer internship with the NYC music venue (Le) Poisson Rouge, or LPR for short (shoutout to my supervisor Jake). This place has been my first stop every time I’ve spent one of my shifts passing out flyers to small businesses in the city, as it’s right next to the print shop where I pick the flyers up.

The first time I only stopped in to drop off my flyers, but I really loved the cozy coffee shop atmosphere. The second time I had a flyering shift, I decided to try a drink from their menu. (Partly as an incentive for my poor boyfriend who I was dragging around the city in 90-degree heat. Sorry Connor.)

I tried the green apple fizz, which is like a combination of a green apple Jolly Rancher flavored soda and an iced green tea. My boyfriend got a lemonade fizz, which is pretty self-explanatory, (just a carbonated lemonade) and a chocolate chip cookie.

I really liked this spot, but I’m mainly including it because of the fact that Connor has not stopped talking about how much he loved it and wants to go back as soon as we can. If you find yourself in Greenwich Village and looking for a cute, cozy place to grab a fun little drink (this is a situation I find myself in quite a bit), Whistle and Fizz is definitely for you.


Enchanted On Main

Boutique in Clayton and Morrisville, NC

Jen’s Pick: Reputation Sweatshirt from Taylor Swift Collection

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably listened to my radio show on WQAQ called Strawberry Skies. If you’ve listened to that show, chances are you know how I feel about Taylor Swift. (Hint: I love her.)

I love buying artist merch and supporting my favorite musicians, but I got to a point a while ago where I got sick of wearing their faces across my chest. There’s something kind of awkward about that, isn’t there?

I’ve found a lot of joy in discovering fan-run merchandise stores for artists like Lorde, Phoebe Bridgers, and, yes, Taylor Swift. I’ll be talking more about another super cute Swiftie-themed shop later, but the unique thing about Enchanted On Main is that they make exclusive Taylor merch, but they also sell all kinds of other clothes, ranging from casual dresses to professional-looking tops to fancy two-piece sets.

I stumbled upon EOM on TikTok and got to stop in at their Clayton location while on a road trip last month. Their founder Frankie was the sweetest, helping me pick out outfits that suited me and giving me the confidence I needed to rock them. 

I definitely recommend grabbing a sweatshirt for your favorite Taylor Swift release or even a cute new dress – the Buddy Sequin Cleo Dress and On This Journey Dress are my favorites! They’ve also just started including confetti in their online orders, a huge plus if you can’t make it to their store in person.


Candy Corpse

Online Shop Based in Delaware, USA

Jen’s Pick: Pink Corduroy Side Bag

I’ve written and talked a lot about how fierceness and femininity can co-exist, as it pretty much sums up my entire identity. If you’re next to me at a traffic light, you’ll probably notice my bright pink hair and glittery makeup in addition to my all-black clothing and my favorite hardcore playlist blasting through the speakers. 

Just over a year ago, I got to meet (and eventually become friends with) Madi Watkins, who is a huge reason why I feel comfortable expressing this intersection in my identity. She plays in a badass hardcore band called Year of the Knife and also runs Candy Corpse, an apparel brand specializing in that combination between creepy and cute.

CC sort of falls into the same category as EOM in that they make merchandise based on anime characters, Sanrio characters, cartoon characters, and more! Their pink Pokemon blanket kept me warm through every Connecticut snowstorm this year, and I hung their My Melody and Kuromi art print on my dorm room wall with pride.

My favorite products from Candy Corpse are definitely their custom apparel, including their vegan leather sweetheart belts and ita bags (perfect for pin collectors!). The bag I listed as my “pick” for this shop is big enough to hold a Nintendo Switch but small enough to be your go-to bag for a date or a concert.

The best part about buying from this shop is knowing that you’re supporting Madi and her amazing partner B every time you make a purchase. There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as that.


The Three Thirteen

Online Embroidery Shop

Jen’s Pick: Melodrama Forever Design on Light Pink Sweatshirt


As mentioned earlier, I love Taylor Swift. As also mentioned earlier, I don’t always love the merch that her official team makes, and I often prefer fan-made pieces. Enter: The Three Thirteen.

I found The Three Thirteen on Instagram in 2020 and immediately bought their “Melodrama Forever” Lorde-inspired design on a pink t-shirt (Lorde and pink is a very “Jen” combination). Embroidery has become one of my hobbies over the past year, but when I first started buying from 313, I hadn’t given it a shot yet, so I was amazed at their ability to spice up a simple shirt with a cute little design.

Even now that I dabble a bit in embroidery, 313’s more complex designs still make my jaw drop. They’ve done a few series of designs for Swift’s albums like “evermore”, “folklore” and “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” that were absolutely stunning.

Since I found them through their Swiftie designs, this site has branched out into creating clothing inspired by other artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Harry Styles, Gracie Abrams, and Lorde. There’s also a holiday collection and a zodiac collection, the latter of which I bought an Aries t-shirt from the minute I saw it.

I could rave about this shop forever, but the point is, their delicately embroidered designs are gorgeous. And, once again, there’s no better feeling than knowing you’re supporting an independent creator and wearing their art on your body.


Game of Roses

Podcast Covering “The Bachelor”, “The Bachelorette”, “Bachelor in Paradise”, and more

Jen’s Pick: The GOR Lexicon Episode

I’ve said a lot of things about myself and my most prominent interests in this article. I love loving things, the color pink, Taylor Swift, and hardcore music, among other things.

Another thing that I love more than most things. “The Bachelor” franchise.

To some, watching the shows under this umbrella is trivial. To some, these shows are silly, scripted “reality” shows that are known for their ridiculous drama sequences, impractical engagements after only two months of a couple knowing each other, and predictable breakups seemingly right after the contestants leave the world of the show.

To me, and to the folks at Game of Roses, it’s not as fun to look at “The Bachelor” as a stupid reality show. It’s a lot more fun to analyze it if it’s a sport – the fastest-growing professional sport, to be exact.

Before I found GOR, I could never quite describe to people why I loved the shows in this franchise so much. It felt similar to explaining to people why I like watching wrestling, not in a little kid that doesn’t know it’s fake way, but in an intellectual, communications student way.

I love watching “The Bachelor” and its spin-offs because I watch from the perspective of someone writing the storylines or a contestant trying to “win” the “game.” I can appreciate a good twist, even if it’s probably implemented by the producers, and I love when a “player” makes a good “move”, even if they are truly on the show to find the love of their life.

Listening to GOR introduced me to this way of watching these shows, and it’s been so much more enjoyable since. I started listening to this podcast from the beginning in January, and I have about a year’s worth of episodes before I’m up-to-date, but I’ve been loving diving headfirst into this world, including learning their terminology and how the hosts watch the show on their own.

It’s also inspiring to me how the hosts of this show consume their media mindfully, watching each episode with a grain of salt and acknowledging that enjoying this show means supporting every aspect of it and every person involved in it, for better or for worse. It’s nearly impossible to find anything to enjoy that is 100% without fault in today’s day and age, so, in my eyes, the best thing you can do is to pay attention to its flaws and still love it in your own way.


10am Cake

Jewelry Box Etsy Shop

Jen’s Pick: My Melody in Daisy Garden Jewelry Box Cake

Going back to things that I love that I must alert everyone around me of, Sanrio characters, specifically My Melody, are definitely high on my list of things that make me happy. I’ll slap a Sanrio character on just about anything, from Tupperware to utensils to t-shirts to bags. 

I don’t remember where exactly I found this shop (probably TikTok) but I was obsessed as soon as I did. 10amcake makes jewelry boxes that look like cakes, in an edition of the “is it cake?” trend that I shockingly do not hate.

Their shop includes all kinds of cakes, including ones with Sanrio characters as toppers, but you can also get ones that are just plain cakes in whatever colors you’d like. You can also get them personalized, which came in clutch for me this Mother’s Day.

In addition to jewelry boxes that look like yummy cakes, you can also grab customized clocks(!!!) that look like cakes, which I never knew I needed until I saw them. My package also came with a thank you note, masks, and stickers, which will always earn a seller a glowing review from me on Etsy.


Hey Bear Sensory

YouTube Channel with Calming Videos

Jen’s Pick: Smoothie Mix!

The more that I write this article the more that I feel like I’m just introducing myself to whoever is reading this, which is fun but also a little scary for this entry. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder about eight years ago, and have been coping with it in a ton of different ways since then.

I definitely don’t have as many panic attacks as I used to, but my anxieties definitely changed and evolved when I started college. I started clinging to more “childish” coping mechanisms, like watching cartoons I liked as a kid or cuddling with stuffed animals.

Some people may see that as unhealthy regression, but it helped me calm down to exist in a simpler time for at least a few minutes. This is where Hey Bear Sensory comes in.

I found this YouTube channel on TikTok (like most of the things on this list), in a video made by a man showing that videos from this channel calmed his girlfriend down when she got overstimulated. Overstimulation, or “sensory overload”, was a problem I started dealing with at college and could never find quite the right thing to combat it.

Hey Bear Sensory is a YouTube channel with videos of things like dancing fruits or flying unicorns designed to help calm babies and young children. Despite their intended demographic, watching these videos when I’m anxious or can’t sleep has helped me a ton and I definitely recommend them regardless of your age.



Music Venue in Wallingford, CT

Jen’s Pick: Restraining Order, Broken Vow, End on End, Wreckage, and Take it to Heart on September 3rd, 2022

They don’t have a website but tickets are always available at the door!

If you’re reading this and you listen to Strawberry Skies on WQAQ (don’t ask how many times I’m going to shamelessly plug my show in this piece), you definitely know that I love going to concerts. I usually end every episode by giving a shoutout to the shows I’ll be going to that week/month.

While I’m at QU, the venue I find myself going to shows to the most is Wamleg, a music venue with a VFW/DIY-type feel that hosts tons of hardcore and punk shows year-round. The first show that I went to at this venue was a stacked bill of The Thrill, Stand Alone, Last Straw (members of Anxious/One Step Closer), Wreckage, and Almighty Watching.

I was a little nervous about going to this show as it was the first “DIY” show I was going to in Connecticut about a month into my college career, but I felt right at home as soon as I stepped through the door. It helps that I have some amazing friends who live in CT/New England, but it truly was one of the least judgmental environments I’ve seen a show in.

I’ve been going to concerts at home on Long Island for close to a decade, and I wasn’t sure how that experience would translate to being in CT, but Wamleg has eased that transition by a ton. To me, hardcore music is all about the community surrounding it and feeling free to be your authentic self – going to shows at this venue reinforces that every time I go.

Even if you’ve never been to a hardcore show before, I highly recommend coming out to see Restraining Order, Broken Vow, End on End, Wreckage, and Take it to Heart at Wamleg on September 3rd. I have friends in nearly all of these bands and it’s only a 15-20 minute drive from the Mount Carmel Campus. Pull up and find your new favorite band!


Witches’ Brew

Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant in West Hempstead, NY

Jen’s Pick: Hoisin Brussel Sprouts

I’ve been a vegetarian for close to two years and have been cutting down on my dairy consumption since then as well. There are definitely some restaurants that are difficult to eat at because of this, so I’m always on the lookout for yummy spots that have menus that are exclusively vegan or vegetarian.

Witches’ Brew is a Halloween-themed restaurant on Long Island that I’ve been going to for about as long as I’ve been vegetarian. It’s definitely best to get there as close to when they open as possible (this place gets busy!), but the food will be worth it regardless of how long you have to wait.

WB’s entire menu is meatless, which makes me a lot less paranoid when my food comes out of the kitchen. The atmosphere of the restaurant is super unique, from antique-looking couches and chairs to string lights to a spooky exterior.

My favorite part about eating here is that the portions are perfect for my mom and I to split. Our order of nachos, hoisin brussel sports and creme brulee for dessert is always just the right amount of food for the two of us.

Witches’ Brew also has a bakery in the front of their restaurant with tons of vegan options. Whether your diet is plant-based or not, if you find yourself on Long Island, you have to try this place.


Dead Meat 

Podcast Reviewing Horror Movies

Jen’s Pick: 130: Horror or Not?

The tenth and final pick on this list is also the second and final podcast on this list! I first discovered Dead Meat in March 2020 when restrictions were first being put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I had just seen “Midsommar” and was obsessed with any kind of content relating to it, so I typed the film’s title into Spotify to see what would pop up. The first thing I found was the episode of this podcast discussing it, and that episode was the last thing I remember doing in school before we were sent home to self-isolate for the rest of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Described as your safe haven for the horror genre, Dead Meat’s hosts Chelsea Rebecca and James A. Janisse discuss scary movies in a way that has made them a lot less scary for me. I’ve developed an interest in horror over the past few years but found it hard to watch them and/or consume content inspired by them because of my anxiety.

Knowing that I have a Dead Meat episode to look forward to after watching a movie honestly helps me power through those spookier parts. For example, “Squid Game” was a lot more like “Squirm Game” for me with all those gory parts, but listening to the DM episode reviewing it afterward felt like I was debriefing my new favorite show with my best friends.

My favorite episode of Dead Meat is “Horror or Not?” where the hosts debate whether or not certain films can be considered horror movies or not. They also ran polls on their Twitter accounts to see what listeners thought, which I thought was a super cool way of bringing in fan engagement.

Host James Janisse also hosts a YouTube series to go along with the podcast, including interviews with prominent figures in the horror genre and “kill counts”, video compilations of all of the kills in any given film. While I tend to avoid those kill count videos due to my aforementioned squeamishness, this podcast has definitely helped me embrace my love of horror movies.

If you’ve read this far, we’ve basically had an hour-long FaceTime call about all of my favorite things. I think that makes us best friends? Up to you.

If you liked what you read and you’d like to experience more of my stream of consciousness thoughts, you can tune in to Strawberry Skies on WQAQ when it goes back on the air at the start of the fall 2022 semester! Until then, you can keep up with SS by following us on Twitter @StrawbSkiesBlog, Instagram @StrawberrySkiesBlog, Facebook @StrawberrySkiesBlog, checking out our website, and listening to our latest playlist on Spotify.