‘I’ll at least be in the top four’: DeBlis looks to bring home second-straight Student Media Showdown crown for WQAQ

WQAQ’s music manager, Will DeBlis competes at Q30 Television’s Student Media Showdown


Neha Seenarine

Graphic by

Cameron Levasseur, Co-host of Over the Ledge

“Headstrong, confident, cocky and underrated.” 

That’s how senior public relations major and WQAQ music department manager Will DeBlis described his mindset going into Friday’s second annual Student Media Showdown, where he will take the stage to represent Quinnipiac University’s student-run radio station. 

The Millburn, New Jersey, native is excited for the opportunity to showcase his talent on such a major platform. 

“I’ve never been more ecstatic to do something in my life,” DeBlis said. “I’m a performer and a showman. Finally, this is the setting I get to showcase all my abilities.”

The hour-long live show, put on by Q30 Television, is set to take place in the Mount Carmel Piazza on March 25 starting at 8 p.m. One member from each of Quinnipiac’s four student media organizations (Q30 Television, The Quinnipiac Chronicle, Quinnipiac Bobcat Sports Network and WQAQ) will face off in a three-round competition to determine the best student-run media on campus. 

WQAQ is the reigning champion of the event, having taken home the crown in last year’s inaugural competition, but DeBlis is not confident in his ability to bring home the title this time around. 

“I can almost believe that I’ll at least be in the top four,” DeBlis said. “I don’t know about winning. I’ve heard about some of the categories, I don’t believe they play into my strong suits as an individual”

While he might not see himself standing atop the student media podium Friday night, DeBlis does believe that he’ll finish above at least one of his competitors. 

“The only person I believe will be knocked out relatively quickly is staff writer Riley Millette,” Deblis said. “I heard he does a mean griddy, but I don’t know if he really is up to par with the rest of the competition.”

If DeBlis is to come out on top, his success will be dependent on several factors. 

“Charisma, class and an ability to succeed at the highest level,” DeBlis said. “Those are my keys to success … My physical ability (is also important). I can put myself through any kind of contortion and still come out on top.”

That ability to endure and prosper is one that the 22-year-old has drawn from one of his favorite sports: auto racing. 

“NASCAR is the ultimate test of endurance and mental stamina, and those who think not clearly have never been behind the wheel of a car going 215 in an oval for five hours,” DeBlis said. 

Of the three rounds of competition, a majority of each contestant’s preparation goes into the talent portion, and while he may not be able to race a car around the quad during the event, DeBlis was able to give a little insight into what his talent may be. 

“My talent … it has a lot to do with my love for my fearless leader at the radio station.” he said. “I hope to showcase him in a way that shows how his leadership has shaped me as a person.”

That leader, WQAQ General Manager Jack Main has the confidence that DeBlis lacks headed into Friday night. 

“Will is the ‘93 Blue Jays,” Main said.  “In the words of Drake, we going back to back.”

At the end of the day, win or lose, DeBlis is just happy to be a part of student media in such a capacity.

“It’s the best,” DeBlis said. “It’s a conglomerate of like minded creative individuals wanting to succeed from a student based and independent forum.”