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“Enuff Z’Nuff’s Hardrock Nite” album review

Enuff Z’Nuff released “Enuff Z’nuff’s Hardrock Nite” under Frontiers Records on Nov. 12 (Photo from Icon vs. Icon)

Enuff Z’Nuff released “Enuff Z’nuff’s Hardrock Nite” under Frontiers Records on Nov. 12 (Photo from Icon vs. Icon)

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Enuff Z’Nuff released “Enuff Z’nuff’s Hardrock Nite” under Frontiers Records on Nov. 12. After 37 years of pure rock and roll music, the band features bassist and lead singer Chip Z’Nuff, lead guitarist Troy Stoffregen, drummer Daniel B. Hill and rhythm guitarist Tony Fennell headed into the studio to record their own version of Beatles classics.

The band was born in Blue Island, Illinois with a different lineup than the current one when their first album was released in 1989. Joining Chip was lead singer Donnie Vie, guitarist Derek Frigo and drummer Vik Foxx.

The lineup has shifted multiple times and members like Vie have left and come back again. The one member that has been consistent in the lineup since the start was Chip Z’Nuff.

Since the second departure of original vocalist Donnie Vie in 2002 as well as Johnny Monaco who departed after a second tour of duty with the band in 2013, Chip Z’Nuff took over the lead vocals.

“I’ve taken the template Genesis has left. When the singer left Genesis – the main guy – Phil Collins took over,” said Chip when speaking with LoveisPop. “Peter Gabriel was the singer in Genesis. He left; Phil Collins took over as lead singer. That’s the template I’ve taken with Enuff Z’Nuff. I’m gonna sing the songs. I’m not gonna find another guy to sing them.”

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It has been well documented over the years that the Illinois rock band has been heavily influenced by The Beatles, so it was only a matter of time before the 80s rock group jumped into the studio.

“Why not put a record out to show our biggest influences that we’ve carried through our whole career?” said lone original member Chip Z’Nuff when he sat down with The Big Takeover. “The only pressure [was], “How are we going to do this record and still be respectful to The Beatles’ legacy yet have our own sound?”

Despite the question of being respectful of the band that influenced millions of other bands that came after, Enuff Z’Nuff accomplished their goal and added a hard rock sound that started with “Magical Mystery Tour” and ended with “With a Little Help from My Friends”. The entire album lasts just short of an hour, clocking in at 46 minutes. Looking at the songs on the record, Enuff Z’Nuff covers all different versions of their biggest influence and includes a Wings cover with “Jet” and the first single off the album, “Cold Turkey” originally by The Plastic Ono Band.

The album from front to back takes you on an adventure of brilliance that very few have been able to achieve when it comes to covering juggernauts of music like The Beatles.

One of the biggest highlights from the album is the rendition of “Eleanor Rigby” which was originally off the 1966 album titled “Revolver”. At first glance, you question whether it’s a smart idea to cover such a legendary song in The Beatles catalog but after 16 studio albums, starting in 1989 with “Enuff Z’Nuff,” the band quickly changes skeptics minds. The perfect raw guitar sound of Troy Stoffregen and Tony Fennell cement the band’s sound into this Beatles classic as well as other tunes on the record.

The band this past summer was out on the road on the “Straight Out of Quarantine” tour with Faster Pussycat. During the band’s set, they would kick off the show with “Magical Mystery Tour” and play “Jet” in the middle of the set. It’s no surprise that those two songs on the album would be near perfect and the band would sound as tight as they are.

Speaking of tight songs, Daniel B. Hill keeps the beat going on “Back in the U.S.S.R” to move the song forward while the rest of the song is filled with Paul McCartney-like basslines turned hard rock and gritty double guitar riffs from Fennell and Stoffregen to cap off the song.

Enuff Z’Nuff has appeared countless times on my Saturday show “Metal Mornings” which covers 80’s songs as well as 80’s musicians. It’s safe to say that multiple songs from their new record will be played during the 12:00-1:00 PM hour block moving forward.

If you’re a Beatles fan and want a fresh outlook on Beatles staples, then look no further than “Enuff Z’Nuff’s a Hardrock Nite”. If you’re a fan of the band but don’t know if you want to give this album a try since the album did not have original material.


Overall Grade: 8.5/10